You deserve this...

The 14 Day
Reiki (Re)Awakening!

How can we possibly take care of all the things when we aren't taking care of ourselves?

This 14 Day Reiki (Re)Awakening was designed to assist Reiki practitioners just like you get back on track with self-care and self love!

As Reiki practitioners we know that our self-care is of the utmost importance if we are going to heal others, but often times fall short on the follow-through!

This 14 Day Reiki (Re)Awakening will be your daily dose of encouragement, tips, tricks, meditations, and more that will bring you back in alignment with your higher self!

You'll shine your light brightly and confidently to forage ahead toward manifesting your Reiki Dreams!

At ReikiCafe University we want to give from the heart to Reiki Lovers who need a little BOOST to help motivate routines of daily self Reiki care.

Because, well, who doesn't need a little encouragement? We are here for you. Sign up now and get your daily Reiki practice going like never before.

We start November 15th!

Developed by Christine Renee, founder of the online continuing Reiki education school ReikiCafe University. Join the ReikiCafe Facebook group to meet ReikiLovers and recieve free Reiki webinars.

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